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Custom appeal shirt representing the message that me and my family want to put forth into the universe. An ideal resulting from how I obtained majority of my knowledge throughout my lifetime. (An OG once told me) boy did my daughter get tired me always referring back that saying when I was giving her some type of lesson in life. I'm quite sure we all have an OG story of own or something that was told to you from someone important to you (and whether it was a school teacher, professor at a college,  store clerk , homeless person, a passer by, this list can go on and on (you get the ideal) that had an impact in your life. Purchasing this item will not only support the ideal but also spreads the message of me wanting you to pass on the knowledge that was given to you on to someone else in your life.



Is to be able to look up one day and my (Ideal) have become reality. To be well connect with like minded individuals with the same pursuit has mines, for all small business to not only survive but to thrive into the future. Too many times in the small business community I had witness one to many businesses come and go, lifespan ranging from 3 to 5 yrs at the most. Support being the common denominator in most  situations. So lets together pass on the knowledge of success and failures in our adventures together so those who come after us have a clearer vision in their path to success in life.


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